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Tropical Key Lime Pie

by:The Half Baked Hippies BBQ Team

For the crust:
1 Ĺ Cups graham cracker crumbs
ľ Cup crushed Island Princess Baking Macadamia Nuts (
ľ Cup shredded coconut
Ĺ Cup sugar
Ĺ Cup melted butter

Combine the above and pat it into the bottom and half way up the sides of a 10in Dutch oven that has been sprayed and lined with parchment paper. Place in cooler. *For a crispy crust, donít put it in the cooler, just start baking it for 10-12 min, before the filling is added.

6 Egg yolks
1 Cup lime juice (key lime preferred)
2 - 14oz cans of sweetened condensed milk

Combine the above ingredients and whip till smooth. Place in the chilled pie shell and the cook over coals for 30 - 45 min or till set. Chill in ice bath and then cooler till ready to top and serve.

Cool - whip whipped topping
Fresh Raspberries
Toasted coconut & chopped Island Princess Macadamia Nuts

**NOTE: If you donít want to bake this in a Dutch oven, use a 10 inch spring form pan, and bake at 350 degrees in your home oven.**