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Wholesale Inquiries
Thank you for your interest in becoming an Island Princess wholesale customer. Whether you are a specialty shop, a multi-store retailer, or interested in purchasing Macadamia Nuts for food service or manufacturing, we are happy to work with you to determine the best way for you to order and to receive our products.

How to Establish Wholesale Status:
1. Complete a new customer information form that we email or fax to you
2. Submit a copy of your state tax license
3. Submit a business card
4. Submit copies of invoices from two wholesale suppliers. (The dollar amounts may be blacked out for the sake of confidentiality)

Three Options for purchasing Island Princess products for re-sale:
As a Wholesale Customer
Minimum opening order of $500. All purchases are in case quantities only. Cost of freight is the responsibility of the customer. Payment by credit card, unless otherwise agreed upon.
Regional Distributor
Depending upon your location, we may recommend a distributor who can best serve you.
Island Princess Factory Store:
* Small Business Discount (contact us for New Customer Info Form; we will also need State Tax License, Business Card, Copies of Invoices from other vendors)
* No minimum order.
* Partial case quantities available.
* Cost of shipping is the responsibility of the customer.
* Payment at time of purchase by credit card (cash if you are located on Oahu.)

Contact Us for B2B inquiries:
Call Us: (808) 839-5222 ext. 2
Email Us: [email protected]